White Haven Beach

One of the many relationships developed in the Whitsundays was with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services.ARG Trees were requested to provide an environmental safe but expedient solution for the clean up of one of the top 10 beaches in the world.

These works were required to be organised in two days and completed in a further 4 prior to the Easter long weekend.  The beach was decimated and almost unrecognisable with large quantities of the pristine white sand being washed into the sea.  Heavy machinery was used to push the sand up back up onto the beach and clear the heavy tree debris that had landed on the beach.

Prior to ARG commencing there was no beach left on high tide, no sit down areas, and all walking tracks inaccessible.  ARG Trees pushed over 40,000 tonne of sand, removed 900m3 of debris, opened up walk ways and cleaned up eating areas to enable visitors to access to the island.  The recovery work was performed over 4 days and by working around the clock prior to the long weekend.

The logistics were difficult with no mobile phone reception, organisation of trucks, barges, excavators, dozers and loaders was all done in 2 days.  Works were completed on time and completed to a high standard.  It was an honour and a pleasure for ARG Trees to work on this project and look forward to continuing to work with organizations like this on future projects.