Toowoomba Second Range Crossing

ARG Trees have been contracted to carry out early earthworks, clearing for the drill pads and additional contracts for the land clearing of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing.  The project consists of 47 kilometres of land clearing, fence building, culvert digging and bridge building and road building in order to provide a heavy vehicle highway route around the Toowoomba Ranges, diverting  traffic from travelling through the City of Toowoomba.

ARG Trees were excited to be a part of this project and have now seen the completion of its contracted works.  This project was the most difficult project that ARG Trees have taken on.  It involved using machinery in very inaccessible areas, clearing of very steep terrain, liaising and working alongside other contractors and managing a constantly changing work environment.

ARG Trees worked successfully alongside side the traditional owners during the clearing process as well as full utilization of fauna spotters throughout the clearing program.  We ensured that all parties needs and requirements were met during the clearing process.

ARG Trees were selected for this project due to the Directors civil engineering background.  This background provided confidence in the client to know that the job would be done quickly and efficiently in a rapidly changing environment.  This was particularly required during the early stages were large amounts of earthworks were also required to gain access for geotechnical works.  Drill pads and access tracks were carved through the side of the Toowoomba Range to allow access to road vehicles.  Strict timelines were in place to allow collection of samples for the design and construct project.  These were met allowing Nexus to meet design deadlines.

There were a significant number of challenges along the way.  ARG Trees and Nexus worked well together to overcome these challenges and generate solutions that worked for both parties.  This project demonstrated that ARG Trees are not only the leading land clearing contractor in Australia but also able to provide that one stop solution.