Cyclone Debbie

ARG Trees has Cyclone response down pat.  We have provided emergency response for Tropical Cyclones Yasi, Marcia and Debbie along with emergency response to flooding in Brisbane.  On the 28th March 2017 North Queensland experienced the strongest tropical cyclone since Cyclone Yasi and ARG Trees was in town and ready to assist in the clean up works.

Five horizontal grinders,  six excavators, machinery operators, trucks, chippers, arborists, and support staff have once again shown that ARG Trees is the best contractor for these cyclone recovery works.  We have the resources to respond immediately with the right equipment to get the job done.

Two months later and the works are nearing completion and the impact ARG Trees has had on the little Whitsunday’s towns has been remarkable.  All roads have been re-opened, locals have had mass quantities of fallen trees removed from their properties and greenwaste has been ground for many purposes that will benefit the local community.

ARG Trees is a well respected service provider who dominates in this field of response, and as a result of our expertise a number of opportunities have opened up for us to provide greater assistance and knowledge during this process.  We have been asked to consult to local councils, Queensland National Parks and other local community groups to ensure that where possible the most environmentally sensitive option were chosen for these recovery works. The Whitsunday’s is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations and as has seen the mass devastation caused as a result of such a big cyclone.  Some islands will be unable to reopen until major renovations or complete rebuilds have taken place.

Along with the land clearing we also carried out the safe removal of loose rocks from the Airlie Beach cliffs.  Using ropes and ratchet straps safe practices were used to fell large loose boulders to ensure the safety of tourist to the area.