Timber Screening: Timber Waste Recycling Solutions

Timber waste recycling can add significant costs to your land clearing, development or storm response projects. At ARG Trees, we offer a competitively priced, comprehensive solution to your green waste processing and grinding challenges.
Our experienced, accredited crews use cutting edge timber screening equipment to save time – and money – on waste recycling projects.
We are proud to own one of the largest fleets of mobile timber screening plants in Australia.

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Cutting-edge timber recycling equipment

With our state-of-the-art plant, we can turn your timber waste into reusable mulch products of different grades. These products can then be put back into the community as garden mulch or as part of larger timber repurposing schemes.
Our specialised timber screening equipment includes sophisticated windsifter technology, removing plastic and other non-recyclables during processing. Magnetic pulley heads extract any metals in the remaining materials, resulting in maximum quantities of useable mulch output.
Your green waste does not need to end up as landfill, nor does it need to become a disposal headache at your work site or green space.
Our superior quality timber screening equipment means we can provide a full-circle service to our clients. Work with our experienced teams, or take advantage of timber recycling equipment hire solutions. ARG Trees can work with you to deliver professional green waste processing services across the lifespan of your next project.

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