Tree Grinder Hire? Chipper Hire? Specialised Equipment Hire From ARG Trees

ARG Trees supplies specialised machinery and equipment for large and small scale landscaping, development and arboriculture projects across Australia. From green waste processing solutions, to an excavator, chipper or tree grinder, our equipment is state of the art, well maintained and competitively priced for short or long term hire.

Equipment hire, Brisbane and Australia-wide

We respond quickly and efficiently, with the right machinery for your project. Whether you’re a tree removal team needing additional equipment, or taking on a short term project, ARG Trees can assist.
Don’t be frustrated by down time if your own equipment can’t handle the job at hand. Talk to our team of specialists for machinery recommendations and comprehensive green waste processing solutions.
Our equipment hire includes:
• horizontal grinders
• excavators
• Body trucks
• chippers
• stump grinders
• Positraks.
• Loaders
• Screening Equipment
• Walking Floors, B-Doubles
• Dozers

Need to take a closer look or discuss a quote? Contact us today to book a live demonstration.

High end machine hire

All equipment at ARG Trees is near-new, meeting the latest Australian Standards and compliance requirements. With world class technologies, our timber grinding equipment can deliver specified grades of mulch, while our timber screening machinery ensures as much waste as possible is recycled and reused.

Break down hire

Machinery and equipment break downs can be frustrating, costly and time consuming. Don’t hold up your job while you wait for stump grinder repairs, ARG Trees can keep your job moving.

Need tree grinder hire? Excavator or chipper in a hurry? Contact ARG Trees today for green waste processing and timber grinding equipment hire.