ARG Trees works with a large number of Local Councils up and down the Eastern Coast.  We currently hold contracts from Cairns all the way down to Western Victoria.

Our experience and understanding of local government and their requirements allows us to be successful in working alongside Councils providing them with the most efficient and practical solutions for their needs. Our ISO Quality Management Systems form an integral part in our ability to service and meet Councils needs.

There are occasions when Council tender packages are released which does not request the best solution for that region.  We package our experience and innovation to submit a non-conforming tender alongside our conforming one.  These solutions are not always the cheapest option but may provide for a better overall result which meets the needs of council.  Innovation can be difficult in a culture driven by price.

As a recognised contractor, we actually hold a number of contracts with the same council.  This can provide through an economy of scale other additional services such as fire break clean ups, clearance of land for council development or use, power line clearing, street tree pruning, loading and unloading of materials, site clean-up works or other types of works that we can utilise our equipment for.

One of the innovations we have been able to bring to local government with the variety of equipment at our disposal is the screening of Council mulch into different sizes for use in the local community.  This service creates a beautiful resource back to the community and generally for free or a small loading fee.  In addition, this saves mulch being an onsite hazard or an overabundance that can be difficult for councils to shift and being an environmental problem.

Councils can use the mulched greenwaste as a form of erosion control in cases of heavy rain and is another great way which can save mulched greenwaste from being used in landfill. Other departments within the council are starting to make use of the quality product produced, perhaps in roadsides, for use in their parks and garden departments, at local schools or sporting grounds.  We aim to minimise the amount of unusable product that is produced locally.

ARG Trees works with local councils in preparation for the summer storm period.  Council’s during this time may co-ordinate a free dumping weekend for when we are going to be in the area.  This enables locals to be aware of any dead or dying vegetation that may become a hazard during a cyclone, high winds or heavy rains.